Music Marketing

The power of music in brand marketing creates memories that are part of everyday life. We’ve created a platform that takes all the headaches out of making the proper band and song selections to connect with your audience.

The Music Industry has become more fragmented then ever before. Why try to navigate the rough and political waters when we can be your one stop shop from small projects to big. The minute a record label or artist manager hears the name of a big consumer brand, they smell big money.

We have all the tools to get you everything without the big brand & band price.

Brands are increasingly using music to enhance the consumer experience and we can help get you there through:

We help you establish the message along with your agency and marketing team that you’d like to convey to your audience.
We help look to the targeted consumers and think about what kind of music would resonate with them.
We help you establish what role the music will play to evoke consumers emotions
We can assist establishing a connection between popular songs or and up and coming artist


  • Event PR
  • Celeb Relations
  • Celeb Influencers
  • Music Video Marketing
  • Viral / Guerrila
  • Tik Tok Artist Integration
  • YouTube Artist Integration
  • Gaming Artist Integration
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Pop Up Experiential Campaigns
  • Retail Marketing
  • Virtual Live Concerts
  • Rights Clearance
  • Streaming Integration