The longest running and largest traveling consumer experiences in the country reaching over 7 million people at events.

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Case Study:

Client: The Coca-Cola Company

Brand: McCafe Frappe’ Ice Coffee

Goal: Sample 1 Million Bottles from April to November

Solution: McCafe was featured on The Big Bite Tour and The Tailgate Tour reaching over 6 million consumers at events across the country and was supported by weekly shopper marketing at leading grocery chains. The campaign marked the most successful sampling/experiential program in the history of the Tea/Coffee division of Coke.

Case Study:

Client: Amazon

Brand: Prime Video

Goal: Reach Young Adults to Showcase New Fall Programming of 10 new shows

Solution: Prime Video became a Presenting Partner of The Tailgate Tour in 2021. Their activation included 14 weeks of engagement at the largest college football games supported by a robust onsite experience that included strategic partner beverage maker Poppi and plant based CPG Beyond Meat. Additional elements included a strong PR campaign, the tours social, digital and print media that accounted for over 925 Million Media Impressions in just 3.5 months.

Case Study:

Client: Pepsico

Brand: Pepsi Max, Pepsi Next, Doritos

Goal: Amplify Pepsi’s Rock Your Summer Campaign with Sampling and Experiential Onsite Push to Digital

Solution: Pepsi Joined The Big Bite Tour for the Launch of Pepsi Max and additional support on Pepsi Next. What followed next was a cross promotion with their Rock Your Summer Social campaign that included snack brand Doritos. Over 500,000 cans were put in the hands of consumers over 16 weeks plus the Big Bite Tour campaign was responsible over 10,000 registrants on social media per week.

Case Study:

Client: GEICO Corporation

Brand: GEICO Insurance / Alumni Loyalty

Goal: Reward Existing GEICO Customers and Engage New Prospects

Solution: GEICO joined The Tailgate Tour and remained a partner for 4 years. Each week, the team was focused on collecting data from college football fans as well as rewarding existing alumni. The onsite program generated over 70,000 qualified leads over the course of 14 weeks totaling over 250,000 through the program partnership.

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